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List of CIV:BE reviews and scores

2014.10.23 14:46 FlatlinerX List of CIV:BE reviews and scores

Here's a list of Civilization: Beyond Earth reviews I've found so far. Please let me know if you find any th/at aren't listed and I will add them.
Text reviews
Review Score Conclusion
PCGamer 87/100 "Although its foundation in Civ 5 makes it familiar, Beyond Earth is full of interesting surprises that are pleasantly difficult to master."
Gameranx 10/10 -
IGN 7.9/10 "Beyond Earth is nowhere near the strongest game in the more than 20-year-old Civilization series, but this big collection of interesting experimental ideas definitely still kept me playing long after I should’ve gone to bed. The Affinities and streamlined military upgrade system, and a colorful change of scenery make it worth the time to figure out the difference between Protogenetics and Surrogacy, and suffering through temperamental alien wildlife."
Polygon 9/10 "Civilization: Beyond Earth successfully injects new life into Sid Meier's long-running strategy series"
PC Games (german) 87/100 "Das modernisierte Civ-Konzept geht gut auf und bietet reichlich Spielspaß. Veteranen der Reihe seien jedoch gleich die hohen Schwierigkeitsgrade empfohlen, da die KI erst dann fordernd wird. An Genreprimus Civilization 5 kommt Beyond Earth jedoch nicht heran, bietet aber eine hübsche Science-Fiction-Alternative mit leichterem Einstieg."
Golem (german) no score "Wir werden Beyond Earth eine sehr lange Zeit über den Test hinaus spielen. Sid Meiers zweites extraterrestrisches Aufbauspiel ist insgesamt eine äußerst runde Angelegenheit und weckt die Neugier bei Civ-Neulingen wie -Veteranen gleichermaßen"
Joystiq 4/5 "Civilization: Beyond Earth is a good game in the context of the Civilization franchise. It moves to the interesting mechanics faster than any entry in the series to date and everything within the game world looks great. A lot of time went into making the new planet pop visually, if only so much care had gone into the presentation around it."
Pressfire (norwegian) 6/6 "«Beyond Earth» tar jevnt over det beste med «Civilization V» og utvikler det litte grann videre, samtidig som det utspiller seg i et miljø som har en litt annen appell enn den tradisjonelle historiske. Anbefales på det varmeste for de som liker «Civilization»-serien for dens spillmekanikk, men som kanskje tidligere ikke har vært helt solgt på settingen."
PC World 4.5/5 "The space-themed Beyond Earth is polished, deep, and addictive—what more could you want from a Civilization game?"
Gamesradar: 4/5 4/5 "Civilization: Beyond Earth may seem a bit too familiar for a game supposedly set on a distant planet, but the roving packs of aliens and the new quest system make it an expedition worth embarking on."
Escapist Magazine 3/5 Bottom Line: An overall solid turn-based strategy game that suffers from information overload resulting in analysis paralysis for the player, Beyond Earth has a few really interesting systems but ultimately doesn't transcend those mechanics into something unique or awe-inspiring. Recommendation: Civ fans will enjoy the sci-fi aesthetic and new features, but Beyond Earth is far from a classic.
Destructoid 9/10 "Superb: A hallmark of excellence. There may be flaws, but they are negligible and won't cause massive damage to what is a supreme title."
Videogamer 8/10 -
Gamer (dutch) 8.5/10 " Sid Meier’s Civilization: Beyond Earth vertaalt de geprezen Civ-formule met verve naar een sci-fi setting. De geweldige vrijheid die je krijgt om de toekomst van de mensheid te vormen maakt elk potje onvoorspelbaar en spannend, maar de potentie wordt niet volledig benut door foutjes in de besturing en onhandig gepresenteerde Wonders."
Eurogamer 8/10 -
Gamereactor 9/10 "I can't remember when I last enjoyed a Civilization game as much as I have enjoyed Beyond Earth. I'm itching to jump on it again, raise the difficulty a notch or two, and see how fast my plans go down the toilet as I try to mount a panic-stricken comeback. It's an excellent strategy game, and despite minor problems it deserves a warm recommendation."
Shacknews 7/10 "Despite its faults, Civilization: Beyond Earth does fulfill its promise to take you to a distant world, where you'll find exotic alien life, meet future leaders of mankind... and conquer them."
Metro 8/10 "An excellent spin-off that uses the science fiction setting to focus and expand the gameplay in interesting new ways, and yet remains as accessible and thoughtful as ever."
HardcoreGamer 4.5/5 "It must be an interesting challenge for developers of a series so focused on history to tackle questions of humanity’s future. Obviously both subjects tap into many of the same sources, but where most Civilization games explore who we are, Beyond Earth systemizes who we could be. This is a work of speculative fiction that allows the player to speculate for themselves, starting from a similar place each time but potentially reaching vastly different conclusions. It’s also a tightly-designed, well-balanced 4X game that is sure to consume many gamers’ free time in the coming months and years. That’s one bit of speculation I’m confident in."
The Verge - "Just one more turn."
MeriStation (spanish) 8.5/10 "Civilization: Beyond Earth supone un nuevo soplo de aire fresco para la saga, aunque para ello haya tenido que alejarse años luz de su escenario original. Un título que ofrece una sustanciosa variedad de opciones, y en el que dos partidas no serán iguales. Aunque necesita una serie mejora en su inteligencia artificial, nos encontramos ante un título que nos dará muchísimas horas de diversión, solos o acompañados de nuestros amigos. Si eres un amante de los 4X, tienes una cita obligada para colonizar un nuevo mundo."
Vandal (spanish) 9/10 "Un gran salto para Civilization, decenas de pequeñas decisiones para el jugador."
Eurogamer (spanish) 8/10 -
3dJuegos (spanish) 8.5/10 "Beyond Earth no sólo expande los horizontes de Civilization, sino que nos devuelve a una colonización galáctica que no disfrutábamos con Firaxis desde 1999. Sólo un empujón de novedades para diferenciarse más de la entrega de 2010 y una cierta sensación de falta de posibilidades en aspectos como la tecnología, entre otros, le han impedido consolidarse como un título incluso superior. ¿Por lo demás? Todo buenas noticias."
Video reviews
Review Score
ProJared 8/10
Totalbiscuit -
Gametrailers 8.7/10
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