Ripoff Report on: 2Date4Love - Datelove they simply charge your credit card internet 2Date4love.com. Meet the Team. Nikolina Jeric, Co-Founder. As a student of English literature, Nikolina has always been passionate about reading and writing. Whether it’s for work or pleasure, she finds she best organizes her thoughts on paper. This is evident in her poetry and short stories, but also in the articles she writes professionally. RomanceOnly is the world’s premier online dating site for Sex-C adults seeking romance—committed relationships built on affectionate companionship, physical connection and authentic love….without any expectation of intercourse. 2date4love.com Rebrands to RomanceOnly.com. Written by Chloe Gay 7th December 2017. RomanceOnly.com has launched as a platform for the millions of adults identifying as sexually challenged (Sex-C). RomanceOnly.com is the world’s first premier online dating site for thousands of adults who are seeking intimacy without intercourse. But not anymore: 2date4love.com is the online dating site for you if you count yourself among the sexless. 4 Reasons To Embrace Celibacy (That Don't Involve God) According to the New York Daily News, Laura Brashier created 2Date4Love after cervical cancer treatments rendered intercourse painful for her.The site says it 'enables people who cannot engage in ... Love is a messy, complicated thing. Here at 2Date4Love.com, we’ll do our best to try to help you navigate the complexities of sex, love, and relationships. '2date4love', a dating site created by cancer survivor Laura Brashier, offers hope to those seeking love without sex.Her idea stemmed from her real-life battle with cervical cancer and how the treatment affected her own sex life. Although Brashier still has a sex drive, her condition makes intercourse too painful to even attempt sex. '2date4love is a dating site that enables people who cannot engage in sexual intercourse to meet and experience love, companionship and intimacy at its deepest level,' the website reads. Stop scam!You can help us! Stop scam. Login

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I came across an interview with a woman that started the dating site 2Date4Love for people that aren't asexual but don't want to or can't have 'normal sex'.
She survived cervical cancer and found out that there are tens of thousands of women that have problems having sex with regularly sized men but are still interested in romance and intimacy. Men with small dicks are a dream come true for many cervical cancer survivors.
It is at least worth checking out.
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Laura Brashier of Rancho Santa Margarita started the 2date4love.com dating website for people like herself, who are unable or don't want sexual intercourse in a relationship. Video by Eugene ... Skip navigation Sign in. Search