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The potassium-argon (K-Ar) isotopic dating method is especially useful for determining the age of lavas. Developed in the 1950s, it was important in developing the theory of plate tectonics and in calibrating the geologic time scale. The Yaogangxian deposit in the central Nanling region, South China consists of vein-type ore bodies hosted in Cambrian to Jurassic strata and Mesozoic granitic intrusions. Wolframite and molybdenite are the dominant ore minerals intergrown with gangue minerals of quartz, feldspar, phlogopite, and muscovite. We have carried out molybdenite Re–Os and phlogopite and muscovite 40Ar/39Ar dating ... Welcome to AR Dating . AR Dating is a local dating site for people looking to find love and friendship online in Arkansas. With online dating now cementing itself as a proven method for single people to meet, date and form new significant relationships we thought it would be beneficial to list some advantages of using dating sites like AR Dating. Dating in Arkansas: Welcome! If you're single in Arkansas and haven't tried us yet, why not try now? You have nothing to lose! We're a totally free dating site in Arkansas. Paid dating sites are boring, we're a lot more fun! We have singles forums, chat, groups for all types of interests, friends, and a lot more. Ar-Ar dating proved to be an ideal technique for dating meteorites because it made the best use of the extremely limited number of samples and also provided thermal histories. Indeed when lunar samples were returned from the Apollo 11 mission, Ar-Ar provided a crucial dating technique. Some samples were dated The Ar-Ar dating method relies crucially on the existence of two other isotopes. 39 K is a stable isotope of potassium, which by definition means that it will not spontaneously undergo decay into another isotope. However, if you put it near the core of a nuclear reactor, ...

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A place for introverts to [gather]( and chat. [Or not]( We can [just]( be [quiet]( and [withdrawn]( if we want[.](

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2020.09.24 12:48 ok-do8 Extra Updated Killer Gear List

Greetings everyone,

its my favorite time of the month! Time for Dark Visions! Therefore I updated the Killer Gear List and included latest units (including SL Elena as far as i could get the information from Datamine. If there is an error ill correct it on a later date)
- Corrected Misleading Information that was hinted from other Players (Example: Yuris Skills gives Both Physical and Magical Killers but i listed it as only Physical)
- Corrected Misleading Information that Nobody noticed was wrong (Example: DK Luneths LB was marked purple which means it gives more than 1 Type of Killer yet i only had his LB in one List)
- Added Shortscuts! (Beware!!! I noticed that the Shortcuts work perfectly onIphone yet for Android they seemed to not work DEPENDING on which App you use to view the PDF! The regular PDF Viewer seemingly didnt make the Shortcuts work! If you open the PDF via Goolge Drive on the PC the Shortcuts also dont work but once you download the PDF and use for example Google Chrome to view it it works as intended. In term of the Spreadsheet the Shortcuts work perfectly on PC but dont work on Iphone. For Android they seemed to work sometimes)
- Added an Extra Column for Stats in term of Equipments/Materias and for When a Skill is ready and the Killer Buff Duration ( In term of Stats i mainly added the stats that i thought were actually important. For example in term of Grand Star i added all stats it has since no matter which stat a unit uses for scaling all units profit from it the same way. On the other hand there were weapons with like over 120 Atk and 20 Def. In that case i didnt add the Def for the List. The main purpose for the List is to find the best possible equipments for high damage and not to be an encyclopedia for all stats etc.)
- Added another Color for NV units (same color for NV Base and NV Awakened Units) and also [BS] as indicator if it requires Brave Shift or not
- Added a little Support Me button in case someone is willing to support a jobless student who doesnt have the time for a Job due to being bond to Lab works in the University. This is TOTALLY Optional! You are not forced to support me, yet i am thankful for every Cent i can get
If you find any mistakes/errors let me know (please dont blame me for the Insect Column in the PDF version... i literally invested 3h rn into trying to make the Human List only 3 pages long but no matter what i did it always wanted to have that ugly small part in a 4th page... will hopefully look better once we get more units to fill the 4th page)
With all that said. Happy Dark Visions everyone!

Link to the Spreadsheet Version:
Link to PDF Version:
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2020.09.24 12:13 NyteMyre [Arma 3] Wolfpack: Switch Off

Calendar Details: 2020-9-25 19:00 Arma 3 Wolfpack Day 3: Switch Off
19:00 UTC
Get the mods through our custom mod downloader, Swifty
When should I update the mods? As soon as you can, PM me with issues. Want more info? Click Here
Join our Arma unit:
Recommended reading:
Map used: Altis


Important stuff:
  • This campaign has NO RESPAWN. Dead is dead and you will enter spectator mode. (if we fail early, we might restart)
  • Except for main objectives, every patrol and unit placement is completely randomized.
  • Most missions have time sensitive objectives.
  • There are 14 slots MAX!
  • There is no JIP, so please be on time on Teamspeak.
If you are curious, here is a Youtube playlist of other communities playing this campaign.


--> Complete mission briefing in PDF format <--

Summary CSAT's primary communications station is situated on the outskirts of Kavala. It is essential we disrupt communications before we commence the NATO invasion.
The nearby power station provides power to the Kavala region, including the communications station. We need to take both out in order to be sure that CSAT's ability to communicate is disrupted.
INTEL ON ENEMY FORCES The communications station is moderately protected. The station itself is located on a hill. The main security forces patrol the immediate area. The power station has a permanent security detail. The power station also functions as an interim military base, although TOC suggests that the garrison is on maneuver elsewhere.
NATO FORCES Three troops:
  • One command troop
  • Two assault troops (AT)
Map of the AO
Primary objective: Sabotage the communications station. Secondary objective: Sabotage the power station.
Detailed information and intel will be provided for whilst en-route.
CONCEPT OF OPERATIONS The area of operations is partly urban. This will provide opportunity to approach the objectives covertly. Some of the properties are used as CSAT army barracks. Weather forecast is similar to yesterday. Slight fog, moderate wind.
You'll meet Nikko at the RV. He'll update you with the latest ground intel. TOC will support with up to date Satnav intel.
TACTICAL MOVEMENT TOC wants you to take out the power station first before you engage the communications station. Control points, BP's and routes will be briefed on-site by SSC.
WEAPONS/FIRE SUPPORT Nikko will have additional supplies in case yours get damaged during insertion. Make sure you bring a lot of demo equipment from Nikko's supply. DEVGRU TOC / Satnav will be monitoring the op.
TRANSPORT ARRANGEMENTS SDV insertion at Yankee, approx 1.5 mikes west of your RV. Exfil to be briefed on-site.


Use this in your slotting comment:
IGN: SLOT: Alpha A1 AR 
CO, squad leaders and special roles (All roles in bold letters) should join the teamspeak 30 minutes before the event starts for planning the mission.


This list is not guaranteed to be up to date! Do a quick look through the comments to make sure your slot hasn't already been claimed.
Callsign/ Role IGN
Wolf 1
Squadron commander
Recon Marksman SaltyR
Squadron Paramedic LordPhil
Special Reconnaissance (UAV)
Wolf 2
Recon Troop Leader
Assault Specialist Michael
Assault Specialist Jan Voca
Assault Specialist NyteMyre
Explosives Specialist
Wolf 3
Recon Troop Leader
Assault Specialist
Assault Specialist
Assault Specialist
AT Specialist Scaly beef
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2020.09.24 10:42 Aframovici Ma tot suna Gabi (lacheii ei) sa ies la vot. Nu incalca GDPR?

In ultimele doua zile am primit doua telefoane din partea voluntarilor (probabil asa se numesc locuitorii din Voluntari) si stau si ma intreb daca asta nu incalca niste reguli de GDPR. Pe un alt thread zicea u/Darmiha ca lui/ei i s-a spus ca sunt generate de computer AI numerele. Dar asta ar insemna generat random 8 cifre, de doua ori in doua zile. Extrem de putin probabil. De asemenea de unde stiu ei ca numerele "generate" apartin unui locuitor de Bucuresti? Deci e clar o baza de date. GDPR break or no?
LE: Am sunat si am facut sesizare la Vodafone. Investigheaza cei de la Vodafone acum daca s-au mai facut plangeri legate de numerele acestea de telefon. Cand termina cei de la Vodafone voi face si pe sesizare.
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2020.09.24 10:20 cosmitz Review seria We Were Here // joc cooperativ/puzzler de a iti pierde prietenii

Avea Mark Twain o vorba, "nu exista o metoda mai buna sa-ti dai seama daca iti place sau displace cineva decat prin a calatori cu acea persoana". Ei bine, Mark Twain e invechit si oricum de fapt el si-a pierdut prietenii prin investitii defectuoase. Pentru contemporanii care vor metodologii moderne si "fun", cea mai buna metoda sa-ti dai seama daca trebuie sa pui punct casniciei cu sotia sau prieteniei cu amicul tau de bere o viata este sa joci cu ei seria We Were Here.
We Were Here e o trilogie care te pune pe tine si inca o persoana in situatia de a rezolva varii puzzle-uri intr-un mod cooperativ folosind magia prieteniei. Marog, mai exact cea a comunicatiei eficiente, exacte si ideal si rapide intre doi oameni. Poti incerca si cu cainele sau pisica dar sunt sceptic de rezultate daca nu esti cumva doctor veterinar si te cheama Dolittle. Seria We Were Here incepe cu originalul We Were Here, disponibil gratis pe Steam, sequelul We Were Here Too si mastodontul care a momentan puncteaza treiul din trilogie, We Were Here Together.
Toate jocurile din serie au acelasi schelet de gameplay, fiecare controleaza un mic eschimos, si nu ma intrebati de ce sunt eschimosi, care se perinda separati in diverse castele pseudomedievale, lifturi de lemn si caverne, pline cu simboluri ciudate care trebuiesc explicate si puse in ordine, obiecte care trebuiesc rearanjate, cuburi care trebuiesc rotite si mecanisme care trebuiesc descifrate, impreuna.
Toate puzzleurile necesita comunicare vocala, jocurile oferind un sistem integrat de voice chat prin un set de walkie-talkies care ajung sa devina simbolice pentru serie. Desi simuleaza chiar si deficienta unei statii radio, numai un singur jucator putand vorbi in acelasi timp pe canal, lucru care poate afecta anumite puzzleuri cu limita de timp, personal recomand un voice chat separat de joc fiindca taie din oboseala de a lucra cu push-to-talk-ul non stop de pe clickul dreapta al soarecelui. Si pentru un joc in care o sa vorbiti extraordinar de mult, pentru ore la randul, cu informatii foarte specifice si repetate, poate deveni frustrant.
Dar ce e fun la toata treaba asta totusi? Desi a iti pune creierul la contributie si a rezolva un puzzle e interesant si distractiv in sine, dumnezeu stie ca lumea face chiar si sudoku de amuzament, poti sa faci asta in o tona de point-and-click adventures fara sa fie nevoie sa implici o alta persoana. Dar jucam We Were Here sa il auzi pe un prieten cum iti descrie un simbol ca fiind "un cap de penis cu urechi de caine", cum tipa panicat ca o sa il manance ceva umbra neagra daca tu nu te grabesti sa intelegi ce vrea el sa zica cu acel "urechi de caine", ca penis ai inteles, si bucuria in a auzi efectul sonor ca ati rezolvat puzzle-ul din camera si ca puteti merge mai departe dupa ce iti dai seama ca de fapt el se referea la urechi de caine clapauge, ca la un labrador, nu drepte ca la un caine lup... ala era alt simbol cu totul!
Primul joc din serie, We Were Here, e o introducere perfecta fiind si cel mai scurt si cel mai relativ simplu din serie dar in principal datorita faptului ca e gratis pe Steam, si gratis e totusi gratis. In functie de cine va este partener, aveti ocazia in aproximativ doua ore sa luati fiecare rolul fie a exploratorului eschimos, fie a bibliotecarului eschimos. Comunicand cu spor, bibliotecarul folosindu-se de camera lui plina de obiecte si carti cu care eventual va trebui sa interactioneze va ghida exploratorul in a efectua varii combinatii si manevre si a il ajuta sa inteleaga ce are in fata ca sa poata progresa. Jocul e relativ asimetric din perspectiva asta, unul explicand ce vede, simboluri, piese de sah si altele, si celalat incercand sa gaseasca materialele necesare sa poata prelucra si da un raspuns pe care celalalt sa il puna in practica. Intotdeauna fiecare va lucra cu informatii partiale, si nu exista situatie unde ceva se va rezolva cu un jucator facand singur ceva de capul lui. La nivel de puzzleuri efective, totusi jocul e relativ slabut, majoritatea fiind doar exercitii de comunicare mai mult decat ceva ce chiar necesita materie cenusie.
Lucru care se rezolva cu spor in al doilea titlu din serie, We Were Here Too. Pierdem treaba cu asimetricul, acum amandoi trebuind sa lucram puzzleuri si sa umblam prin nivele in acelasi timp, si avem si mult mai multe momente cu limita de timp unde rapiditatea in comunicare face diferenta intre a muri oribil cazand in lava sau a muri oribil inghetat. Lucru care nu e nasol per se, existand checkpointuri foarte dese, moartea avand mai mult efect dramatic decat orice altceva. Al doilea titlu din serie va consuma relativ dublu ca timp ca primul, si e mult mai antrenant, cu putin mai multa atentie date povestii, chit doar sa dea cu niste ketchup de context peste ceea ce facem noi acolo. Avem si un sistem de obiective optionale care pot colora un pic finalul jocului, dar nimic care sa merite mai mult decat exact propozitia asta.
Al treilea joc din serie e si cel mai masiv din toate punctele de vedere. Jocul duce la aproape sase-spate ore de o cantitate si densitate terifianta de puzzleuri si de elemente dificile de comunicare. O singura camera dintr-un singur capitol a avut mai multe elemente de discutie si de rezolvat decat tot primul joc ca pura comparatie. Eu si amicul cu care le-am jucat ne-am vazut nevoiti sa luam pauze mult mai dese intre sesiuni de joc, si chiar uneori ne-am trezit blocati la unul sau doua puzzleuri prin pura dificultate de rezolvare a lor. Nu ajuta faptul ca nu prea ai momente de respiro intre ele, si cele cateva cut-scenes nu adauga destul fluff sa ajute sa inghiti puzzleurile mai usor. La un anumit moment chiar devine puzzle peste puzzle peste puzzle, si cel mai important, uneori chiar comunicarea devine usor secundara rezolvarii problemei in sine. Totusi, nu este deloc un joc prost chiar si in luand seria ca tot, dar nu l-as recomanda ca primul joc jucat, desi e cel mai nou si teoretic ar fi cel mai accesibil.
Seria are niste elemente similare din punct de vedere al designului, si al modului cum puzzleurile au fost gandite, si recomand pentru a nu face experienta mai greoaie si dificila decat trebuie, sa luati jocurile la rand. Macar aveti sansa sa va dati seama daca chiar va plac genul asta de jocuri, si daca nevasta va paraseste dupa o ora de joc impreuna, macar sa nu fi si platit privilegiul asta. Mai e de mentionat ca minus sa schimbati rolurile (lucru pe care il puteti face in orice capitol deblocat), unul sa joace bucata celuilalt, jocurile nu sunt deloc rejucabile. O singura instanta o stiu de puzzle care isi schimba aleator solutia, dar in general odata ce stii solutiile, si mai ales si partea celalata, jocul aproape nu mai are sens. Cel mult daca se schimba partenerul de joc, dar chiar si atunci, recomand cateva luni intre, sa mai uitati din solutii si moduri de rezolvare.
De grafica si sunet nu pomenesc nimic ca nu e nimic de pomenit, nu arata deloc spectaculos sau interesant si merge pe cel mai Black Friday laptop cu video integrat. Dar nu conteaza, ca elementele astea sunt complet non problematice pentru scopul jocului. Acela de a pune doua persoane in bocancii unor concurenti la The Amazing Race si sa ajunga sa se urasca ca sunt atat de inabili in a comunica impreuna. Sau, cine stie, va dati seama ca de fapt tu si amicul tau de o viata aveti chiar mai multe in comun decat v-ati fi asteptat, si porniti un bromance legendar.
Cu placere.
// Gasiti restul de reviewuri ale mele aici:
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The next video is starting stop. Loading... Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Welcome to the A-Z of Archaeology! In this series we take a look at the world of Archaeology, employing the alphabet as our guide. 8.02x - Lect 16 - Electromagnetic Induction, Faraday's Law, Lenz Law, SUPER DEMO - Duration: 51:24. Lectures by Walter Lewin. They will make you ♥ Physics. 1,781,609 views K-Ar dating calculation Life on earth and in the universe Cosmology & Astronomy Khan Academy - Duration: 11:07. Khan Academy 36,989 views This video is a talk on K-Ar and Ar-Ar dating technique for rocks and minerals. It is primarily created for my students of Radiogenic Isotope Geology course, however, would be useful for anyone ... Prompt - AR Dating & Video app gives you the means to spark great conversations and make meaningful connections in the real world. Not just dating, Prompt Video social network allows you to Share ...